Rectificadora de segunda mano

Rectificadora de cigüeñales segunda mano revisada y lista para su uso.




RTM 260 A


20″ x 68″

HMC Stock # 19211

Machine Serial No.: 992B

Machine Model No.: RTM 260 A

New Date: Unknown,

Rebuilt Year 2015-2016

Made in Italy by Bertoni & Cotti

Height of Centers Over Table: 10-1/4″

Swing Over Table: 20-1/2″

Maximum Distance Between Self-Centering Chucks: 68″

Maximum Eccentricity of Workheads (Stroke): Maximum 4-3/8″

Weight Admitted Between Centers: 330 Lbs.

Maximum Diameter Which Can be Ground with New Wheel: 5″

Maximum Diameter Admitted in Steady Rests: 5″

Maximum Grinding Wheel Diameter: 28″

Maximum Grinding Wheel Thickness: 1″ to 2-1/2″

Hydraulically Operated Wheelhead Fast Travel: 5-1/8″

Wheelhead Micrometer Travel: 6-3/8″ (3)

Workpiece Rotation Speeds: 20 – 40 – 63

RPM EQUIPPED WITH: Peterson Finger Tip Controlled Swing Chucks on Workhead and Tailstock 7″ Diameter 3 Jaw Chucks with 1 Piece Hard Reversible Jaws 1-3/4″ Thru Hole Thru Headstock,

Tailstock and Chucks (1) Wheel Balancing Stand with Arbor (4)

Wheel Mounting Hubs (5)

Assorted Additional Head Balance Weights (2)

Extra Sets of Chuck Jaws Assorted

Wrenches Self Contained

Hydraulic System External Coolant Tank and Pump OEM Machine

Instruction and Maintenance Manual

Wheelhead Motor: 5.5 HP

Headstock Motor: 0.5 HP

Odeodynamic System Motor: 1 HP

Table Traverse Motor: .75 HP

Wired For 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 220 Volt Operation

Overall Size: 156″ LR x 73″ FB x 69″ High x 7,500 Lbs.


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